How to Choose the Right Access Control System for Your Business

The access control systems that Veridin provides at are the best for businesses across Canada. Access control systems are designed to make sure no unauthorized person gets access to certain sensitive areas in business premises like server room, personnel records area and parking garage.

These systems are often also used to monitor and track people’s movements around the business premises based on time of day and their identification. Basic access control systems have swipe cards and keypads while the advanced ones may have several authentication protocols including fingerprint and iris recognition.

Choosing the right access control system for your business can be a daunting task. The most important consideration is how big you want the access control system to be. Based on the number of areas you want to cover around your business, you can determine how big the system will be.

When making this decision, you can also choose the doors within your facility that will not use access control. You can use your security personnel to man those doors. If you decsAccess control systemsde to add more doors to the access control system at a later date, it should be quite easy to do so. Good access control systems are designed to be easily expandable.

Access control systems

Having decided how big your system is going to be, these factors should guide you to choose an access control system that will be a perfect fit for your business.

Remote access

Access control systems that provide for remote access are preferable to those without this provision.  A good system should include features that enable an administrator to access the application from anywhere using any device.

Easy to use

The user interface of the application should be fairly easy allowing you to access the platform without having to call the IT department. Go for an access control system with minimal or no learning curve for those you will assign as administrators.

Backing up and restoring information

Access control systems that automatically backup data are better and will cost you far less than those you have to assign employees to do the backing up every few days. Some systems require that you buy additional hardware to be able to do regular backups. Consider the costs that backing up and restoring would cost your business over time.

For over 25 years, Veridin has been providing access control systems to small businesses and large corporations across Canada. The company is the premiere security systems provider across the country.

Talk to Veridin about your access control system plan and get expert advice on the steps you should take to get the best system that is specially designed with your business interests in mind.

Drain Snake Toronto – Minimizing The Mess

drain snake toronto
As many of them are not skilled in the use of a drain snake Toronto residents sometimes end up making a big mess.  Worse, sometimes all the work that caused the mess still fails to remove the clog.  The homeowner ends up with a stinking mess in addition to a service bill from the plumber.  It does not take very much to learn to use a drain snake Toronto homeowners usually have at home.  Websites such as that for DIY Network provides a lot of information about plumbing repairs and installation.

All work that requires the use of drain snakes involve at least a bit of mess – mess cannot be totally avoided.  But that is not to say that most mess can be minimized so that it does not contaminate large areas of the house.  It just takes proper precautions, preparations and the right technique.  Here are the steps for properly using a drain snake and containing the mess:

  1. Prepare safety equipment first: Drains contain a lot of substances which pose serious health hazards. Thus it is best to use rubber gloves. For more intensive drain snake use, face shields and an apron would be prudent.
  2. Prepare to contain the contaminants: Have a few old rags and towels at the ready to wipe out drain water and whatever gunk comes out.  Cover floors around the drain with plastic sheets if you have to.
  3. Prepare your equipment: You will need two buckets; one to contain drain water, and the other to keep hand tools in.  You will need a drain snake, a flat and a Philips screwdriver, maybe a pair of long nose pliers.  You’ll also need detergent powder, maybe some bleach and/or a disinfectant.
  4. Remove anything covering the drain, such as a hair trap.
  5. Slowly insert the auger end of the drain snake into the drain with one hand while the other rotates the snake handle clockwise. Your grip on the drain snake cable should be about 3 inches from the drain opening.  This is to ensure you can feel when the drain auger hits the obstruction.
  6. When the end of the snake encounters something unyielding, it is most probably a bend in the pipe. Just keep pushing till you get past the bend.
  7. When you hit something with a bit of “give” that is probably your obstruction. You can try to either break up the obstruction into little pieces so it will flush down the pipe.  Otherwise you can try to punch a hole in the obstruction so you can fish it out using the auger end.  Once the clog is hooked pull it out slowly so it does not fall back in.
  8. Run water on the drain to see if the clog has been cleared. If after several attempts the clog still remains, call a plumber.  Otherwise, you can start cleaning up using detergent, bleach and/or disinfectant.  Reinstall hair traps.

While the above procedure does not guarantee you will remove the clog, at least the mess will be contained.  It should work more than half the time though, resulting in big savings in plumber hours.

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